Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison has joined the party in support of the lawsuit against the Little Sisters of the Poor.

In 2016 the Little Sisters of the Poor, a collection of Catholic nuns, won a long legal battle for religious protections when it comes to providing certain services for their employees. The Sisters refused to provide contraceptives to their employees because it goes against their religious beliefs.

Unfortunately, their legal struggles are not over, as the Sisters face a new lawsuit from the Attorney General of California. Maureen Fergusen, a senior policy advisor for the Catholic Association remarked, “It is utterly incomprehensible that in a free country like the United States, Catholic nuns who care for the elderly poor are being harassed with new lawsuits to force them to provide contraceptives and abortifacients”. 12 states have joined California, and Minnesota is one of them.

Attorney General Ellison has put Minnesotans’ taxpayer money up for this ridiculous case. In a country dedicated to liberty for all, based on inalienable rights that ensure freedom of religion, how can this be allowed? The Little Sisters of the Poor are following their conscious and are being attacked for it. Ellison should not stand for this, and should not have used our money to support an outright attack on religious liberty.

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