Minnesota’s politicians are still pointing fingers over the handling of Minneapolis’ riots.  In recent news, mayor Jacob Frey has attempted to blame the governor for not promptly sending in the National Guard.  Tim Walz on the other hand has argued that they offered swift support.  With up to $500 million in damages, no Democratic leader has taken responsibility or offered viable solutions to protect Minnesotans. 

     A full 24 hours before the 3rd police precinct was given up, Mayor Jacob Frey asked Tim Walz to send in the National Guard.  This was revealed in a series of text messages that also report Walz’s hesitation.  Frey has become outspoken on the issue since he has received backlash nationally.  Other mayors, including Lori Lightfoot of Chicago have refused to work on solving civil unrest with Frey.     

     Nearly 3 months after the riots occurred, no politicians have taken responsibility for the mishandling of events.  As violence and crime increased, the leaders of Minneapolis responded by defunding the police.  Their inability to take proper action has now set a precedent for other Democratically controlled cities.  Across the nation, Democratic cities have seen upticks in crime, and leftists leaders wish to abolish the police. 

     With a community destroyed under Democratic control, Minnesotans must make an effort to elect new leadership.  Residents feel unsafe and dozens of businesses prepare to leave Minneapolis.  60 years of Democratic oversight has led to this downfall and placed distrust in law enforcement.  This November, Minnesotans will opt for change and make their state red again. 

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