Democrats have launched ridiculous attacks on President Trump after promising to nominate a new Supreme Court Justice this fall.  After Amy Coney Barrett was revealed to be the chosen nominee, slander of the future Justice and Trump ensued.  Now Minnesota’s senators Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith are prepared to block Coney Barrett’s approval.

      The left is not able to play by the rules, and allow Trump to oversee another SCOTUS nomination.  Even though it is the sitting president’s duty to keep nine Justices in the court.  Many Democrats have supported the idea of packing the Supreme Court if Coney Barrett is approved by the Senate.  The Left simply refuses to accept the Court’s Conservative majority.

     However the Left’s strong attacks of Coney Barrett only indicate their fear of her strength and as a Conservative justice.  A protege to the late Antonin Scalia, Coney Barrett is not expected to make progressive rulings, and is notably pro-life.  Tina Smith will work with Senate Democrats to reject her over this issue.  Smith stated,  “As the only Senator who used to work at Planned Parenthood, I will always fight to protect reproductive rights. That starts with opposing judges whose record shows they will oppose those rights at every turn. I’m a firm no on Judge Barrett’s nomination”.

     Amy Klobuchar on the other hand has decided to veil her objection to a Coney Barett Senate hearing with health concerns.  Klobuchar has cited concerns of the coronavirus to hopefully prevent a senate hearing next week.  In an interview Amy Klobuchar said, “Why would we be doing this instead of actually helping the American people?  Wait until after the election. Better for safety, better for the country”.

     The real threat of Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination for the left  is her unapologetic Christian faith and dedication to the Constitution.  The Left can be expected to continue to attack her Conservative beliefs until the day she is appointed.

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