In Minneapolis, the police department and city government have advised residents to stand down to criminals.  Instead of promoting law, order, and self defense- officials are telling people to obey the demands of criminals. 

     The MPD has circulated a list of safety tips for handling encounters with criminals.  This announcement occured after robberies and carjackings significantly increased downtown.  In their announcement, the police department advises residents to hand over personal property in the case of an altercation.  This is because  “some victims have been maced, dragged, assaulted, and some threatened with a gun.”

     Leftists across Minnesota have shared their disdain for our law enforcement officers.  Now that Minneapolis’ police are being cut back, violent crimes have risen.  Since ruling Democrats decided to cut police- the best solution they offer is to submit to criminals.  None of these announcements signal the importance of self defense or a process to procure justice. 

     Instead, Minneapolis has alerted criminals with this message of how easy it is to steal.  The city has already seen a 46% increase in carjackings and 36% in robberies from last year.  These rates can be expected to continue as our politicians fail to create adequate public safety policy. 

     The fraudulent Democrats of Minneapolis have failed their people once again.  The rest of Minnesota can learn from Minneapolis’ absurd plan to abolish police.  If our police are disbanded, we are expected to submit to criminals and endure increased crime rates.


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