During the wake of a humanitarian crisis, the left spreads fake news to the American people.  Despite President Trump’s substantial anti-coronavirus efforts, the left still seeks to defame his administration.  Leading left wing politicians and media outlets have spread fake news and dissent in order to gain political notoriety. 

     While Americans are under quarantine, they have looked to the White House for leadership and answers during this tumultuous time.  The Trump Administration has broadcast daily and shared strategies amidst the developing pandemic. The President has passed executive orders and supported legislation to benefit Americans and the economy which have suffered in the outbreak.  

     The President continues to be informed by the nation’s elite health experts and prudently leads our nation.  Despite this, leftist media outlets have inflamed the coronavirus crisis in order to swing the 2020 election in their favor and gain political traction.  They have accused President Trump of publicly claiming the pandemic as a “hoax” and dismissing its importance. Leftists continue to label the Trump Administration as “xenophobic” and “racist” in cheap shots taken at the President.  During a White House news conference, the President referred to covid-19 as the “Chinese virus”. In defense, President Trump simply stated, “It comes from China, that’s why”.

     The left will continue to search for malicious and xenophobic motives in our President.  As they fail to do so, one thing remains clear; the left has no issue with spinning the news to sabotage Trump’s credibility.  This is a crucial time to unite together as one American community.  We will not let fake news and political dissolution threaten to unban us.    

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