On behalf of the people of Minnesota, Attorney General Keith Ellison has filed a lawsuit against major energy companies.  ExxonMobil Corp., the American Petroleum Institute, and three Koch Industries.  Ellison claims these fossil fuel companies have deceived us.  Notably, their shared industry has disproportionately affected the lives of black Minnesotans. 

     This announcement from Ellison’s office comes in the midst of reopening with covid-19, riots, and public safety crisis in the Twin Cities.  Instead of allocating time and resources towards finding solutions, Ellison has chosen to further his own radical agenda.  We need our leaders to establish law and order in our cities, not put their side projects first. 

     In his lawsuit, Ellison claims the energy companies have committed consumer fraud, deceptive trade practices, and false statements in advertisement.  As restitution, these companies ought to fund a corrective public education campaign on the issue of climate change.  The people of Minnesota do not need justice provided in the form of climate change propaganda.  They are recovering from the coronavirus shutdowns and are now left unsafe in the Twin Cities.  

    In Ellison’s release on the lawsuit, he states, “Impacts from climate change hurt our low-income residents and communities of color first and worst”.  While making this claim, Ellison provides no supporting reason as to why this is.  As Minnesotans, we share the same water resources and breath the same air.  Pollution and Earth’s temperature are not able to discriminate amongst differing populations.  The fact that Ellison is wasting state resources to argue this claim is absurd.  Doing so, Ellison is only fueling race tensions in our state.  

     The legal action Ellison is pursuing against energy companies will likely waste millions in tax-payer funding.  This action will also perpetuate misconstrued ideas of climate change and racial inequality.  As State Attorney General, we need a representative who will devote their focus to the real issues Minnesotans face. 

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