Attorney General Keith Ellison has used the coronavirus crisis as an opportunity to push his far-left agenda.  Ellison joins a number of other leading liberals who have been outspoken on pushing radical policies. He has supported Governor Walz’s reporting hotline, ban on housing evictions and advocated for universal healthcare.

     Governor Tim Walz has enacted both a “stay at home” reporting hotline and eviction ban on landlords. The hotline allows Minnesotans to report neighbors who have broken “Stay At Home Executive Order Violations”.  If a citizen is found traveling for state-approved essential tasks, they can face 90 days in jail along with a $1,000 fine.  Additionally, Walz’s executive order prohibits landlords from evicting non-paying renters. Governor Walz has threatened any landlords that would force non-paying tenants to vacate. 

Ellison has been supportive of Walz’s radical measures throughout the outbreak.  The Attorney General states, “If you take illegal actions to force your tenants to vacate their property during this emergency, my office will take swift and strong action against you”.  In one instance, Ellison became involved in legal actions with one property owner in Sandstone, Minnesota. To ensure that one renter would not be evicted, he requested a restraining order and injunction against the proprietor.  Ellison has promised his aid to any other renters who are in similar situations. Keith Ellison also has advocated for universal healthcare. He has second statements from other representatives like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the matter.  

Our leaders ought to immediately aid the people instead of using their position to promote their radical agendas.  It’s politicians like Ellison who have decided to flex their power during this time of crisis. Due to the nature of their regulations, the people are left with little liberty to refute them.  

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