The Minnesota Democrats wanted to raise our tax rates, even though it was not needed!

No one ever wants to pay more in taxes, yet the government is always trying to grab more of our money. This past year, Minnesotans’ tax rates were hiked higher than before.

As painful as that was, Minnesotans also had booming tax revenues. The State pulled $722 million more than anticipated, so we had high tax returns. Minnesota Democrats always talk about needing to raise taxes. This year’s numbers argue pretty strongly against their case.

The numbers cannot lie. Minnesota Democrats are fooling themselves if they think they can continue to hike up tax rates. Minnesotans do not want it, and it is obvious that we do not need it either. We need to send a message to our government that this is not what we want, nor what we need. They should learn from this lesson and keep their sticky hands off our money.

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