Amidst the unpatriotic drama surrounding the St. Louis Park City Council’s decision to ban the Pledge of Allegiance from their meetings, real Patriots have stepped up. The City Orono has made a new resolution to recite the Pledge at their council meetings. 

Orono Mayor Denny Walsh grew up in St. Louis Park. Upon hearing their decision to ban the Pledge, he was upset that the city he grew up in would dare imply that our nation’s flag was offensive.

The St. Louis Park’s City Council is obviously overrun by Democrats who do not care about our country. Orono, on the other hand, is standing up for our country. The motion to include the pledge at meetings passed unanimously, and the meeting ended with the whole council reciting the pledge. Orono is sending a message to St. Louis Park, and other Minnesota Democrats. They are reminding them that our flag unites us and that it is manipulative and unnecessary to take away our unity.

The City of Orono is just one example of Patriots standing up for America. You can do the same and let MN Democrats know that you support our nation by signing this petition today!

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