It’s time for America’s schools to reopen.  Scientists and health experts agree that children are not the main drivers of the covid-19 pandemic.  Despite UNICEF leaders and pediatric groups urging for the reopening of schools- Joe Biden is prepared to stand in their way.  The Democratic candidate is more concerned about his own political agenda rather than the wellbeing of America’s children. 

     After months of lockdown, countless health experts are now in agreement that extended quarantine is in fact problematic.  Americans’ immune systems have been compromised along with their mental health.  Importantly, children’s education has been disrupted.  We now know that children are not primary drivers of the pandemic.  Nor are they at highest risk for covid fatalities.  In other nations, the reopening of schools had no discernible connection to more covid-19 cases.  With this knowledge, legislators must make serious efforts to re-open our schools.

     The American Academy of Pediatrics has urged lawmakers to allow children to attend school this fall.  Additionally, the executive director of UNICEF, Henrietta Fore has advocated for the reopening of schools globally.  The urgency to reopen comes from the dire effects missing school can have.  Children’s exposure to physical, emotional, and sexual violence increases.  Some face issues of food scarcity at home which results in negative health effects.  Others do not have proper internet or technological access to their online classes.  

     President Trump has been a strong advocate for opening schools this fall.  Safely returning kids and adolescents to school is one more step in making America’s great comeback.  Joe Biden’s efforts to keep kids at home sacrifices their wellbeing and quality of education to weaken America’s success under Trump.  If the people are discontented, they have a higher chance at electing someone new.  While Biden and the left work to stagnate the American people, the president continues to empower them. 

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