Democratic nominee Joe Biden promises to transform America if he wins this November.  In this transformation, Biden intends to reshape the economy to benefit elites, take away all jobs in fossil fuel industries, and take away America’s energy independence. 

     These changes come to us from Biden’s increasingly socialist agenda.  Working with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders, Biden has had no problem sacrificing Americans’ wellbeing for political notoriety.  Biden intends to enact the Green New Deal and eliminate the use of all fossil fuels by 2035.  If Joe Biden’s policy changes are made, America’s middle class will suffer and over 3.4 million jobs will be destroyed.  

     This would demote America from being energy independent to lagging behind other nation’s productivity.  Under President Trump, America gained energy independence and became a net energy exporter for the first time in decades.  America’s economy reached its highest record yet, and wealth poured into its communities. 

     Statistically, nearly all Americans wish to protect the environment.  However, the United States does not have nearly a sufficient amount of green energy resources yet.  A potential transition away from fossil fuels is something that will take America far longer than fifteen years.  The disastrous Green New Deal which Biden supports will sacrifice the economy and the livelihood of Americans in the process.  Biden’s signaling  for environmental justice is merely a way to enact Marxism in America. 

     Biden has surrendered to the radical left in order to gain traction.  Observably, he has few points he has stood by in his political career.  Biden’s political platform continues to evolve with populist belief.  Biden’s malleability will result in great uncertainty as president.  With this, one thing remains clear.  Joe Biden will not put Americans first. 


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