Joe Biden has taken Minnesota and his supporters for granted.  As the state begins to turn red, Biden will be in for a surprise this November.  The last time the presidential candidate visited Minnesota was over 1,000 days ago.  In 2017 Biden stopped by as a part of his American Promise Tour and hasn’t visited since.

     In the same time Biden hasn’t visited Minnesota, President Trump has made five trips.  The President’s presence has been welcomed by Minnesota’s manufacturers and farmers who wish to improve business.  Likewise, families are prepared to re-elect the president to promote public safety.  Minnesotans have experienced the ill effects of the left’s anti-law enforcement movement. They will not elect Biden and Harris who stood by violent rioters and looters.  

     Minnesota Republican Party Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan states, “We realize that it’s been quite some time since Joe Biden stepped outside of his basement but if he ever does return to Minnesota he may not recognize it…Since day one, Joe Biden has taken Minnesota’s ten electoral votes for granted, while President Trump’s campaign has been working overtime talking to voters and real Minnesota families across the state”.

     Both Democratic and Republican party officials have recognized the president’s eagerness to make Minnesota red.  This will be a historic election for the state which hasn’t voted Republican since Nixon’s 1972 election.  Polls already reveal how close the presidential and local elections will be.  After years of mishandling political leadership, liberals are losing their status in Minnesota.

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