Across the nation, riots against the police and violent protests continue.  In response, President Trump has provided police with additional funding and support.  Meanwhile, Joe Biden has refused to stand up to the anarchists and rioters who threaten America’s great cities.  

     President Trump has had no inhibition calling out the “domestic terrorists” who have damaged cities like Kenosha, Wisconsin.  By sending in the National Guard to Wisconsin, violence has reported to cease.  Trump has also implored other governors to request National Guard presence.  This way damages seen in Minneapolis will not occur in other states. 

     Biden has announced his disapproval of deploying the National Guard– even though their presence has been used to create peace.  Instead, Biden has stood with other radicals leftists and defended the protests.  Biden fails to disavow domestic terrorists.  He has returned them to the streets by helping organizations like the Minnesota Freedom Fund.  

     The radical left and mainstream media continue to label the work of Antifa and BLM as “peaceful”.  The people inciting violence and destruction of independent businesses do not deserve this title.  Joe Biden has gone so far to say that the President has incited this violence rather than condemning the real criminals.  Biden has failed to endorse public safety and appears laughable while the country desires a return of law & order. 

     President Trump has been vigilant to protect Americans amidst these riots.  While visiting Kenosha, he announced the police and affected businesses would receive financial support.  Additionally, Trump has overseen Operation Legend- a federal and state coordinated effort against rising crime.  Attorney General William Barr states, “President Trump has made clear: the federal government stands ready and willing to assist any of our state and local law enforcement partners across the nation responding to violent crime”.

     It is clear where the two candidates stand on law and order.  Joe Biden has taken an alarmingly careless position on public safety.  This November, Americans will vote to keep their families, cities, and businesses safe.

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