When asked one month ago if the police should be defunded, Joe Biden said ‘no’.  In fact, he argued police should receive more funding to promote reforms within their departments.  Now just weeks later, Biden has changed his tune to stay relevant among the radicals of the Democratic party. 

     Easily swayed by popular opinion, Joe Biden continues to alter his campaign to fit in with far-left politicians.  He stands against our police with representatives like Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez.  While defunding the police is a buzz worthy phrase, 64% of Americans stand in opposition to the movement.  With increasing violence and riots, the American people are worried and looking for solutions.  At this time, we need law and order.  Not destabilization of our communities through the defunding of the police.    

     In an interview with journalist Ady Barkan, Biden remarked that, “Yes Absolutely” police funds need to be cut.  And that the police have “Become the enemy”.  In his interview, Biden likens police intervention to a militaristic take over of our communities.  Police presence in areas like the Twin Cities have only become more prominent because rioters and looters have caused significant damage and endangered civilians. 

     These statements contrast Biden’s history of supporting America’s police.  Biden once worked with local law enforcement to put more police in the streets.  Meanwhile, over 700 of America’s police officers have been violently attacked in protest.  Instead of standing with these public servants, Biden has made it a point to represent criminals.  If elected, Biden certainly will “Fundamentally transform the country”, but not for the wellbeing of the American people. 

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