In the latest polls from KSTP/SurveyUSA, Tina Smith and Jason Lewis were closely tied for Minnesota’s senatorial race.  This week Smith and Lewis had 43% and 42% of votes respectively.  The events conspired in 2020 have prepared Minnesotans to turn the state red.  Representing true Minnesotan values- Lewis can be expected to truly challenge radical Tina Smith on election day. 

     News of this close polling comes just days before the election.  Despite Smith’s ample campaign resources- Minnesotans have not been fooled by her track record.  Smith has failed to be an adequate representative for the people of Minnesota, and instead chooses to bandwagon extremist policies as they arise.  Without even understanding the dangerous implications- Smith supported the anti-police movement.  Like most of her liberal cohorts- she hasn’t suggested a replacement for our law enforcement.  This tactic hasn’t fooled residents from greater Minnesota, and those closer to the cities have demanded increased public safety. 

     While running on a campaign which asserts law and order- it’s no wonder Lewis has risen in the polls.  Lewis’ message to enhance public safety and open up schools especially resonates with suburban families.  Tina Smith who once had leading support from women and suburban voters is now lost.  Threatening the Second Amendment, opposing the Born Alive Abortion Survivor Act,  police authority, and promoted “righteous protest” has not attracted voter support. 

     After keeping Minnesota suppressed in lockdown and supporting violent protests, it should come as no shock that reigning Democrats have lost their appeal to voters.  November 3rd should bring positive change to Minnesota, and a new era of conservative leadership. 

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