Current Senate candidate Jason Lewis has remained outspoken during the coronavirus outbreak.  Lewis shares his support of President Trump’s actions and states that an America first policies will ensure we overcome this crisis. 

     In Lewis’s statements on the coronavirus outbreak, he stressed the importance of making America first legislation.  Lewis points out that the livelihood of our people must be put first. Breaking with America’s old globalist methods will save American lives and our economy. Currently, we depend too much on China to produce necessary goods. One of these supplies is pharmaceuticals. It is paramount to move the production of essential goods like pharmaceutical drugs to the United States.

     Lewis refuses to shy away from the fact that China is responsible for the coronavirus pandemic. He also recommends that travel bans should be emplaced on China. It is not xenophobic or racist to protect American lives from an outsource that continuously spreads infectious disease.  Our borders ought to be controlled in the name of saving American lives. Lewis is right, we need to put America first!

     China has shown its true motivations throughout this outbreak. They are not trustworthy allies to the United States as their concern is to maintain totalitarian control.  Lewis called out the Chinese government for trying to blame America for spreading the virus and threatening the denial of pharmaceutical trade.  

     In addition to focusing on American production, Lewis proposes other economic efforts.  Lewis states that an “economic buffer” will bring American life back to where it was. The economy is being forced to shrink, it will bounce back after the outbreak with government stimulus.  Lewis calls for prudent usage of government bailouts. No bailout funds should be used for bonuses or buybacks. 

     Finally, Jason Lewis seeks to provide the healthcare industry with more autonomy.  While a proven vaccine is being developed, the terminally ill deserve the “right to try” available therapeutics.  This can happen by “streamlining the FDA and ridding the medical bureaucratic red tape” for the sake of patients. In order to prevent the extent of crisis European nations have seen, healthcare must not be rationed to citizens.  Ample healthcare will be available by ending any existing single-payer options.

Lewis stands with President Trump as he reminds us all, that we need to take care of ourselves and our country.

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