Senate candidate Jason Lewis has called for the FISA Court to be abolished. This announcement follows the Department of Justice’s report of systematic abuse. The Court has proven itself to be unreformable and deserves to be terminated. 

     The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act allows electronic surveillance and collection of foreign intelligence suspected of terrorism or espionage. In March a newly passed FISA bill was threatened to be vetoed by President Trump due to allegations of corruption. The FISA Court is currently under evaluation due to their Russian investigation and “attempted coup” of the president.

     Lewis has been outspoken of “the FISA Court’s abuse of power is systemic”. These allegations are a result of a new report released by Inspector General Michael Horowitz. It was found that in 29 FISA cases pulled, each one was filled with errors. This report adds to FISA’s continuing trend of fallibility. In December 2019, 17 additional errors were found in FISA applications regarding information of a false Russian dossier. This implies that FISA judges were approving fictional legal documents. 

     While serving in Congress, Lewis voted against the re-authorization of FISA. Lewis stated in a press release, “I could not in good conscience support the threats to privacy posed by a blanket extension of FISA surveillance without meaningful reforms. Now I think we are beyond the point of reforms. Simply put, it’s time to stand up for civil liberties and abolish the secret court.” Lewis previously voted across party lines in order to end the injustice that prevails in FISA. He can be expected to keep the Justice system accountable when serving as senator.

To learn more about Lewis’ mission, visit the link below.

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