Senate candidate Jason Lewis has proposed that American universities need to refund their students for noneducational fees.  In a time of heightened economic stress, Lewis recognizes that many students are struggling to pay for colleges they can’t even be at.  As a solution, he calls for all fees like room and board to be refunded by colleges both public and private. 

     Currently, schools like the University of Minnesota are short-changing their students.  The University of Minnesota in particular receives an endowment of $3.2 billion dollars.  Right now, only a small percentage of students have been given breaks from the staggering fees.  Large endowment funds are common in public and private universities alike. In a time of crisis, Lewis’ proposal to refund auxiliary university fees is only practical.  Many students and their families cannot afford to pay for housing and meal plans that will not be used.

     Lewis states, At a time when we’re all tightening our belts, there’s no reason why these wealthy institutions should be charging for services not delivered–unless their lobbyists have a bigger hold on politicians than we’re told. All colleges and universities, both public and private, should immediately refund students for all fees, like room and board, that are not associated with distance learning.” 

     Lewis possesses an understanding of what students and working Minnesotans need in this unprecedented time.  Lewis’ call for university refunds is just one of a series of statements released during the coronavirus outbreak.  To read more on calls for action from Jason Lewis, visit the link below.

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