Minnesota cannot seem to a get a break, as Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar continues to prove herself unfit for office.

Omar has been accused of violating campaign finance laws. Since those allegations, she has come clean and agreed to pay back over the $3,000 she misspent. 

After the finance scandal, Omar’s marriage came into question. An investigation revealed she had filed joint tax returns with her partner and father of her children while being legally married to another man. The two scandals cross paths as a recent photo has emerged, showing Omar holding hands with a Mr. Mynett.

Mynett works for E Street Group, a company that provides strategies for candidates. Omar’s campaign paid the E Street Group $250,000 for services they are not willing to disclose. 

Looking at Omar’s past, we are right to assume the worst. Her past scandals lead us to believe that the money spent on the E Street Group to fund her personal relationship/

Omar is toxic cancer in our Congress, and she is unfortunately tied directly to our state.

MN Representative Steve Drazkowski asked for Omar’s colleges to launch an investigation in Congress against her.

We have the chance to clean up Minnesota’s reputation by forcing Omar out of office.

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