Democrat Angie Craig, from Minnesota’s Second District, stands firm in her allegiance with fellow corrupt democrats. She continues to support the chaos that is impeachment hearings and refuses to actually listen to the needs of her people.

The people of the second district are not happy. Many have gathered outside her office to remind her who it is she should be working for. These Minnesotans want health care alternatives, regulations that make farming easier and for Angie Craig to listen to them. They are making their voices heard and standing up for themselves because Craig won’t.

How can Democrats continue to ignore their constituents? They have one job, to fight for their people. Time after time, Democrats like Angie Craig choose to fight for themselves instead. They are willing to sacrifice the good of the American people just to fit in with the other progressive in Washington. 

It is time for Democrats to shape up, or get shipped out. This kind of behavior will not be allowed to continue, and it will be remembered in the next election.

It is not that hard. Fight for your people, not for your pocketbook or progressive pals.

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