As Pelosi drags out the impeachment process, American citizens are growing continually tired of Democrat shenanigans. Being lied to and being misrepresented is getting old.

The Democrats’ partisan drama and time-wasting behavior were ever-present in the initial impeachment hearings. The American people were not impressed.

With only 36% of those surveyed believing the Democrats deserve reelection, and within swing districts only 43% of respondents supporting impeachment efforts, the Democrats will soon face the consequences of their selfish acts.

Democrat Minnesotan Representatives Dean Phillips and Angie Craig represent pro-trump districts. Instead of looking out for the interests of their constituents, they voted to impeach the President. Despite these citizens’ stance against impeachment, the two bent to the will of their progressive party leaders and voted to impeach.

Craig and Phillips will not get away with this behavior. We are tired of being misrepresented and forgotten by our leaders. This new year brings about a new election cycle, and it is time for Minnesotans to be properly represented in Washington.

It is time for Craig and Phillips to go! As we wait for Pelosi to pass on the impeachment vote to the Senate, Minnesotans will not forget this democrat betrayal. This election season the democrats will regret betraying their people. It is time to use our votes, and uproot these selfish democrats.

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