It’s no secret that the Minnesota Democrats want power. During the budget negotiations, we were able to get a glimpse at what life would be like if they did have complete power.

In his initial budget proposal, Democratic Governor Tim Walz proposed to increase the gas tax by 70%. This would add a 48-cent per gallon tax each time you would go to the pump. Luckily, this did not make it into the budget. Had his gas tax been approved, it would cost the average Minnesotan an insane amount. For a household with two cars, this tax would add $300 to their gas spendings each year. In total it would have collected $13.1 billion in taxpayer money.

This expensive proposal was not approved, so it will not be a reality we have to live in. Some other expenses, pushed by the Democrats, were approved though. One of these is the continuation sick tax. It was supposed to end soon, but Democrats fought for it to say. If the Democrats had total control, it would have stayed at 2%, collecting $991 million from taxpayers. All that money would come, just from being sick! Thankfully, it was brought down by Republicans to 1.8%. The Democrats also wanted an $848 million tax increase through selective Minnesota tax conformity to federal law and a $74 million tax increase by bringing back bipartisan tax relief passed in 2017. The budget proposed by the Democratic party was full of expensive ideas. It forces one to wonder; if they had complete control over the budget, how much would we have to pay? Looking at what they proposed this time, it can be assured that with their budget, you would be paying more than what you want to.

If Democrats had complete control over the budget we would be living in a highly taxed version of Minnesota, and because of the taxes imposed by the Democrats, we would not have the freedom to spend our money as we want to. Thankfully, the Republicans have a say in what happens and can stop the Democrats from ruining our state.

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