Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has reportedly split from her husband Hirsi, amidst questions about her past marriage history. 

Omar has left a trail of evidence, that hints she married her brother Elmi, to gain U.S. Citizenship in 2009. Her marriage history is quite complex and leads Americans to wonder about the legality of it all.

In 2002 Omar originally married Hirsi, and they had three children together. They split in 2008, but never legally divorced. In 2009 she married Elmi, who is speculated to be her biological brother. They divorced in 2017. This is all followed by Hirsi and Omar reuniting in a civil ceremony in 2018, but it is now reported they have split once again.

The back and forth relationships with Hirsi, mixed with the potential of Elmi being Omar’s brother, raising many questions about the legality of her actions.

On Jul. 23 Judicial Watch filed an ethics complaint, calling for a full investigation into Congresswoman Omar for potential crimes due to these allegations.

Omar remains silent on the speculations. If she has nothing to hide, why does she not just come right out and say it? She could clear her name, and the complaint would be dropped against her.

Instead of opening up and saying the truth, Omar hides and adds fuel to the fire against her by separating from Hirsi. 

Ilhan Omar is an anti-semite, who is lying to America. She does not have America’s best interest at heart and she not deserve to be a representative of Minnesota.

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