Ilhan Omar has announced that she believes the sexual assault allegations of Democratic candidate, Joe Biden.  She will also continue to support his run for the presidency.  Omar has been in a minority of Democrats to speak out on the Tara Reade allegations.  Other Minnesota Democrats like Angie Craig and Tina Smith  have sheepishly remained quiet on the matter.

     Tara Reade has accused Joe Biden of sexually assaulting her during his term as a senator in 1993.  While Biden vehemently disagrees with these charges, damning evidence has already been released to show otherwise.  Most Democratic leaders like Omar have no issue reconciling Joe Biden’s concerning past and his presidential bid.  In an interview, Omar stated, “I do believe Reade…Believing survivors is consistent with my values”.  Electing corrupt officials into the presidency is also aligned with her values.  The Left must make a decision of what we will tolerate in America.  This acceptance of double standards is unacceptable for such high profile stakes. 

     Omar states that the election of Joe Biden will “instill hope in what is possible”.  Ilhan Omar’s vision of America is one where an  abuser sits in charge.  The American people must demand better representatives.  The hypocrisy of Omar and silence of Minnesota’s Democrats is not tolerable. 

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