Hennepin County Sheriff, Democrat Dave Hutchinson, has decided to not report illegal immigrants to federal law enforcement after they are caught breaking the law. He is putting his people at risk. Criminals need to be handled properly. Ignoring part of our nation’s laws is not handling it properly.

He is a member of law enforcement, who is not enforcing the law. This is insane. Democrats are placing their agenda’s ahead of our nation’s laws.

Hutchinson has said that he is excited to be in a position of power and influence, and he wants to work hard to lower violent crimes. Yet, it seems like he only cares to uphold certain laws.

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This man is responsible for keeping Hennepin County safe, and he is refusing to uphold proper immigration rules. This member of law enforcement is refusing to enforce the law. This Democratic lunacy has hit a new level, and is putting the safety of the county at risk.

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