Minnesota’s 44th District has a promising candidate up for election. Greg Pulles is prepared to represent Plymouth, Woodland, and Minnetonka. Right now the open seat is threatened to be claimed by the far left. However, Pulles is running on a strong platform and is ready to bring conservative values to the community.

     Pulles is a Minnesota native, born and raised in North Minneapolis.  After graduating from the U of M law school, he worked in private law practice and at TCF Bank. For the past 27 years, Greg Pulles has raised a family of 7 in the city of Plymouth. Now, he’s running to represent the community he knows best. Pulles stated, “I run for the Minnesota Senate to ensure that the state I love- remains the wonderful state that it is today”.

     Pulles- a longtime Republican- holds conservative values, honors the party platform, and endorses President Trump. He’s looking to improve District 44’s quality of living and create an equal playing field for all members of the community. Pulles plans to do this by achieving equitable access to quality healthcare and great education for all children. Additionally, Pulles wants to ensure the people’s right to self-defense, freedom of religion, and right to life are protected. This will be accomplished by supporting smaller government.  

     Pulles wants the community to further benefit from clean and reliable energy sources, especially nuclear energy. Furthermore, he’s running to secure our borders, lower taxes, and protect free enterprise. Pulles seeks to change the bureaucratic and unaccountable nature of our government.  He is a staunch opposer to socialism and looks to bring change without infringing on our liberty.  

     District 44 has been a targeted senate seat by the far left. In 2016, Democrats lost by a mere 200 points.  Now, they are determined to claim it and take control of Minnesota’s Senate. The left will have strong competition from Pulles who has been endorsed by both the Republican Party and Freedom Club State PAC.

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