Tim Walz’s emergency peacetime powers went into effect on March 13, 2020.  Now nearly 200 days later, his powers continue.  Right now one man controls Minnesota and it is unclear when he will forfeit his control. 

     On September 11th, Walz signed an executive order to extend his own powers.  He announced, “My top priority remains the health and safety of Minnesotans…The COVID-19 pandemic is not over, and the next stages of this virus continue to threaten our state. Today we extend our peacetime emergency, giving Minnesota the tools to quickly respond to this rapidly-evolving virus as we approach the fall and winter.”

     While it is unpredictable when covid-19 will die out, one thing is certain.  It is not the horrific plague individuals like Walz warned us about.  Students safely attend school again and businesses are operating once more.  The virus’ mortality rates are far less severe than anticipated.  We are no longer in a state of emergency.  However, Walz still operates as such and will do so as long as there is a virus.  

     Walz is not prompted by science but politics rather.  His inability to give up peacetime powers does not improve the health of Minnesotans.  The DFL controlled house will not take action against Walz either.  In an open letter Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka wrote, “We have flattened the curve, no Minnesotan has been denied necessary medical treatment, and, thankfully, our hospitals have not needed to use their surge capacity…There is no longer an emergency.”

     Since March, Tim Walz has issued 75 executive orders.  In that time half of a million Minnesotans were forced out of work and state debt continues to climb by the billions.  The Governor must announce what criteria determines his peacetime powers and when they will end.  We are clearly not in a state of emergency and Tim Walls owes Minnesotans explanations.

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