After an investigation, it was discovered that University of Minnesota Professor Aaron Doering, had charged the university over $30,000 to fund his personal luxuries. Republican lawmakers are calling for the University of Minnesota to take action, but the University is holding out.

This situation should be taken care of swiftly. There needs to be consequences for this professor’s actions. Doering is on leave after pleading guilty to domestic assault but, as a tenured professor, he is still receiving a paycheck from the University, even after his expenses where exposed. Republican and House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt put is simply, stating, “If tenure policies prevent him from being fired immediately, then those policies should be changed by the Board of Regents, there’s no reason someone who has defrauded the University and is serving time for domestic assault should be drawing a salary paid for by taxpayers and student tuition.”

Doering needs consequences for his actions. What he did not only speaks to the potential deep corruption in the University but hurts the students. The money he spent was not to grow the minds of young college students, but to fund his own luxurious lifestyle. It is unacceptable, and the University of Minnesota needs to act swiftly against him.

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