Under the order of President Trump, decisions on federal refugee resettlement are to be made at the local level.  This action has allowed local powers to decide on behalf of the communities they understand best. In Minnesota, Beltrami County was the first to push back on the resettlement order in a 3-2 vote.

The decision in Beltrami has not only spurred criticism but a threat of retribution as well.  Notably, DFL Majority Leader Ryan Winkler has threatened the people of Beltrami with the proposal to cut state aid.  Winkler claims that citizens of Beltrami have turned their backs on their neighbors. However, this does not seem to be the case.  The false accusations of xenophobia and racism towards the people of Northern Minnesota are imprudent and indefensible.

The county commissioners’ decision to prevent a surge in the refugee population was made to serve their people best.  DFL Leader Winkler is not from Beltrami and does not seem to know much about rural Minnesota. This is not the first time nor the last time a liberal elite will try to impose their will on regular citizens who they believe to be stupid and evil.

Beltrami’s opposition to resettlement showcases why the President deemed this to be a local decision.  Outside representatives do not understand the region’s position as a citizen would. They ought to not blindly label an entire group of people as hateful and xenophobic simply because their decision doesn’t align with an agenda being set in St. Paul.

The political backlash towards Beltrami highlights a reoccurring phenomenon in our society.  Distant politicians and elites make vapid statements and incorrect judgments on communities they are unassociated with.  In the case of Beltrami, its people were assumed to vote on behalf of hate, and not for practical reasons. Leftist politicians are seeking to incite an agenda that has already been refuted.  Instead of respecting the community’s intentions, politicians have threatened their livelihood. When voices of power label groups like the Beltrami community as racist and xenophobic, it degrades the perception of the people.

This goes to show the importance and respect that must be replaced in local governing.  The laws and intentions of Beltrami ought to be respected the same as those brought forward in Metro counties.  On behalf of American citizens, our politicians should not operate on quid pro quo tactics. We live in a state of diverse communities and diverging ideas.  They should not be required to function within the ideological parameters of one political faction.