President Trump’s Approval Rating among African Americans has skyrocketed. In the past year, his approval rate has nearly doubled, going from 19% to 36%! Despite this, the Democrats continually push the idea that Trump is creating a racist America. His stats prove that hideously wrong. I would even go as far as to say Trump has helped individuals overcome racial barriers.

The president does not want African Americans to be dependant on the government, he encourages them to be bold, brave and strong. Under his administration, hundreds and hundreds of African Americans have cut free from the chains the democratic party threw on them. They think freely and vote according to their personal thoughts, not the color of their skin. Democrats fear this. For decades they have made the African American community so dependant on the government and each election cycle the Democrats remind them how much they need the democratic party. It is a sickening cycle of brainwashing.

President Trump has put an end to that madness. He has spoken the truth, he does not just say what people want to hear. He is elevating our country to a greater level. Under his presidency, the African American community is breaking free, despite Democrats bests efforts to keep American citizens weak.

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