Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison has declared himself a Bernie Sanders supporter. With this support, Ellison backed up the actions of the behaviors of every Sanders supporters. He said he had “never seen” a Bernie supporter act rude or mean.

United States House Minority Whip Steve Scalise replied, “I can think of an example”. Scalise was shot by activist and avid Sanders supporter, James Hodgkinson in 2017 while practicing for the annual congressional baseball game

Hodgkinson was an avid supporter of Sanders and an active campaign volunteer in 2016. After the shooting Sanders rebuked Hodgkin’s actions and distanced himself from the shooting. The candidate is willing to rebuke his supporters’ violence, but Ellison will not? How could he forget this violence, and claim that all Bernie supporters are upstanding individuals?

Our Attorney General is placing his trust in a socialist. As a leader of our state, can we really trust someone who 1) overlooks obvious violence from fellow Bernie supporters and 2) supports this socialist.

The plans Bernie has promised to implement if he is president would destroy the American economy and raise our taxes beyond what is fathomable. Bernie has an expensive future for the American taxpayer. 

How can Ellison support a man like this? Ellison must only care about himself. He cannot possibly support s a socialist and what is good for Minnesota. 

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