Democrats are always quick to raise taxes. Why don’t they try to cut waste first? Day in and day out we watch our government spend our hard earned money on wasteful projects. The Goose Creek Rest Stop Restoration project is by far one of the worst ways the Minnesota government has wasted our money.

Located off Interstate 35, in North Branch Minnesota, The Goose Creek Rest Stop has been closed for over two years now to undergo a $7.2 million dollar transformation, complete with curved glass, fancy wood, and an energy efficient round design. The facility was in need of restoration, but $7.2 million dollars is an outrageous amount of money to spend on one rest stop.

For comparison, the Inspiration Point Historic Wayside Rest Stop in Filmore County underwent heavy restorations. This only cost $1.7 4 million. Our state government has gone beyond what is necessary and is wasting money.

The Goose Creek Rest Stop building is an extravagant project and a gross misuse of taxpayer money. Unfortunately, this is but one of the many instances of government waste.

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