Across the nation, the use of mail-in voting has caused disaster in primary elections.  Now, Democrats wish to set mail-in ballots as the standard voting process in Minnesota.  Already we have seen the mass delays and dysfunction mail-in voting has caused. 

     Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, the left has been pushing for the use of mail-in votes opposed to regulated polling stations.  This is because it will produce millions of fraudulent votes and affect the 2020 election.  The track record of mass mail-in ballots has an indefensible rate of voting fraud.  Across the nation primary elections have reportedly been disorganized, unsecure, and delayed. 

     In New York, their dysfunctional mail-in voting system has alarmed the rest of the nation.  One congressional primary occurred a month ago and results still have not been settled.  In Wisconsin, some voters received multiple ballots, while others received empty envelopes.  Outdated computer technology, misleading ballot information, and overwhelmed voting clerks have been cited as reasons for their issues. 

     While nearly every state has experienced difficulty with absentee ballots and encountered voting fraud, Minnesota’s Democrats refuse to take notice.  Amy Klobuchar, Tim Walz, and Tina Smith have all vocally supported the use of mail in ballots.  They claim that enforcing mail in ballots will ensure the public’s safety, but that hardly accounts for what they are really trying to accomplish.  

     To ensure the legitimacy of the 2020 election, the polls must remain open for the majority of Americans who are healthy.  The left has misrepresented the coronavirus situation, which has been controlled more than expected.  There is no reason for Minnesotans to be blocked from polling stations while they could equally be exposed to the virus at any other public location. 

     Minnesota’s leaders ought to observe the voting crises that have occurred across America.  To protect the integrity of our democracy and the 2020 election, the option for in-person voting must remain.

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