In his report, Robert Mueller stated that he found no evidence of obstruction of justice on the part of President Trump, but noted that he is not exonerating the president, wanting to leave that up to Congress. This has caused much debate in Washington. Some Democrats still insist that President Trump did something wrong and want to start the impeachment process. Other Democrats want to put the focus on other issues.

Minnesota can feel this tension. Ilhan Omar, of Minnesota’s 5th congressional district and, Angie Craig, from Minnesota’s 2nd congressional district, have supported the impeachment process. Omar has actually been calling for Trump’s impeachment since she was elected. They have spent time and resources to demonstrate their support, and attempt to rally more supporters. While they hope to move the process along, Dean Phillips of Minnesota’s 3rd congressional district is has been all over the issue. The lack of leadership takes the attention off of us and our needs and places it onto the representatives.

Representatives are wasting time, energy, and resources by supporting his impeachment. They are acting like schoolchildren, holding a grudge against someone they do not like. The Democrats supporting President Trump’s impeachment do not have a leg to stand on and are wasting time and money trying to make an argument for impeachment when there clearly is not one. They are not focusing on the country but, on the grudge they hold against the President. This division will hurt their party. As Jason Meister (a member of Trump’s 2020 advisory board), said in an interview with Fox News, “This do nothing congress, focusing on impeachment off of the Mueller report, is going to assure President Trump of his second term.”

Speaker Pelosi might actually be doing us a favor by waiting to pull the trigger on starting the impeachment process. If she is smart she will know the impeachment process will be a waste and will hurt the American people, as well as increase the division in her party She knows that the President will stand strong throughout the process, just like he did with the Mueller report. All in all, the Democrats can only lose by trying to impeach the president. The division it is causing is wasting time and will hurt their constituents. They need to move on from this issue that is plaguing their party, and the American people.

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