After the Death of George Floyd on May 25th- Minneapolis and several other American cities have descended into chaos.  Floyd- a Black Houstonian appears to have been killed by a Minneapolis police officer.  In response, the nation has ceaselessly protested and rioted.  Under Democratic leadership, Minnesotan representatives have allowed the destruction of both government and private property in mass lootings and riots.  

     Just days after Floyd’s death, Governor Tim Walz promised Minnesotans a swift end to the violence and destruction seen in the Twin Cities.  However, this promise has failed.  Our representatives continue to provide inadequate leadership entering a second week of violent protests.  Curfew laws have been ignored.  Having an outnumbered police force has not prohibited damage of infrastructure.  

     In response to the management of the Twin Cities’ riots, President Trump instructed the Pentagon to prepare military police as a resource.  The president stated, “We can have troops on the ground very quickly, if they ever want our military.”  These forces have not been utilized as rioters of Minneapolis and St. Paul lay waste.  Additionally, Attorney General Bill Barr declared that the Department of Justice would stand ready to prosecute violent individuals who crossed state lines to join protests.  

     While the President has stood with the victims of the riots’ destruction, Joe Biden and other leading Democrats have supported these criminals.  Biden has publicly supported violent protestors who have endangered the livelihood of other civilians.  Biden’s campaign staff shared that the former vice president has been supporting bail out organizations in Minneapolis for non-peaceful protestors.  

     While we await justice for Floyd and police officer Derek Chauvin, we must not let our great cities be obliterated.  Ensuring that private businesses are not ignited is not a partisan issue.  We depend on Minnesota’s leaders to enforce law and order especially during this time. 

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