The infamous long lines at the DMV have gotten longer. No matter how much taxpayer money goes towards fixing it, the Minnesota Department of Motor Vehicles is not functioning properly.

Those hoping to take their license driving test will wait for hours outside the DMV just for an open spot. Before the DMV even opens the line is wrapped around the property. Some even spend the night outside the DMV just to be able to take their test.

However, some drivers can skip this wait, if they can afford it. Higher-end driving schools are adding to the line chaos and frustration as they have worked out a deal with the DMV to hold standing appointments for their students. If the student is able to afford one of these more expensive driving instruction programs, they can obtain one of these coveted standing appointments at the DMV. The luxury of obtaining this standing appointment is not available to everyone. State law says that the driving test must be available within 14 of any applicant’s request. The DMV is not functioning in accordance with this law.

Year after year MInnesotan’s hard-earned money is thrown at the DMV in this will be the year that it functions smoothly, this year it will make a difference. All that money is going to waste because of the DMV’s deal with private driving schools. The Minnesota Department of Motor Vehicles is acting out of corruption and is not only wasting tax-payer money but is hurting Minnesotans. This kind of corruption costs Minnesotans an absurd amount. It needs to be stopped.

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