Tara Reade was a former staff assistant to Joe Biden in 1993.  During her time working for then-Senator Biden, she claims to have been sexually assaulted.  Reade has been outspoken on her assault allegations-and they appear to have damning evidence on Biden.  While Biden claims, “It never happened”, court documents beg to differ.

     A 1996 court document reveals that Reade had told her husband about the assault.  A neighbor of Reade has also came forward about hearing her case in 1995.  Additionally, Reade’s brother, co-worker, and friends were knowledgeable of her assault account before Biden’s 2020 presidential bid.  The public treatment of her assault case significantly differs from that of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh.  In 2018, Dr. Ford won media acceptance of her allegation with little evidence.  Unlike Reade, Dr. Ford had never confided in someone else of her sexual assault from 1982.  Due to media bias, Dr. Ford’s testimonies went rather unquestioned.  The same Democratic party which once demanded all self proclaimed victims be believed, now scrutinizes Reade for speaking out against the nominee.

     Minnesota’s democratic leaders are no exception.  Tina Smith, Amy Klobuchar, Angie Craig, Dean Phillips, and Collin Peterson have all remained rather quiet on the subject.  Instead of acknowledging an issue which deserves nonpartisan attention; Minnesota’s left refuses to speak up.  

Despite all the controversy surrounding Tara Reade’s alleged sexual assault, Joe Biden took weeks to respond to the claims.  Unlike the case of conservative Brett Kavanaugh- Biden has experienced far less backlash from mainstream media.  The mistreatment of this case only heightens the hypocrisy of the left.  Joe Biden has a record with numerous instances of making women uncomfortable and has had his character questioned before.  Reade’s case ought to be taken seriously because a perpetrator of sexual assault does not deserve to run for office.

Court document reveals Tara Reade spoke of harassment in Biden's ...

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