Long ago, both Republicans and Democrats used to advocate for protecting the innocence of children. As the times have changed, Democrats have moved further to the left. Today, Democrats of Minnesota are pushing for a shocking sex education program for our schools.

Democrats are pushing to force every charter and public school in Minnesota to teach a program known as Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE). This is a curriculum pushed by Planned Parenthood and far-left activists in many places like Minnesota, but also on the world stage at the United Nations.

This curriculum is shocking, sickening, and graphic. Disgusting images and normalizing language is used to teach ten-year-olds about anal sex, self-pleasure, and gender theories. It views the children as sexual from birth. Comprehensive Sex Education tells fourth graders that they can choose to lose their virginity whenever they want to.  Images from some of the books in the program are so obscene that, even when censored, are not approved for the nightly news. Planned Parenthood proudly promotes CSE and claims to be one of the biggest CSE providers in Minnesota. Comprehensive Sex Education normalizes the left’s ever progressive thoughts and trivializes high-risk sexual behaviors at any age. It should not be taught in our schools!

We used to live in a world that wanted to protect the innocence of children. Now we live in a world that is promoting a sex-education curriculum that seems to model after the dystopian universe in a novel. This is what Democrats are pushing. This is what they want. They want a hyper-sexualized world, where the children are taught perverted messages about sexuality. It feels like fiction, but unfortunately, this is what is happening, and we need to stop them.

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