Social sites like Facebook and Twitter  have recently come under fire for inhibiting free speech and censoring conservatives.  By censoring one ideology, big tech has shamelessly  displayed their power over the Washington establishment.  Now more than ever- Conservatives are pushing back, including Minnesota’s own Jason Lewis.

     Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act is currently being reconsidered in order to “rein in tech” as FCC commissioner Brendan Carr statesCarr explains, the FCC “will bring much-needed clarity to Section 230 and close the loopholes that Big Tech has exploited”.  The Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission is also interested in scaling back big tech’s censorship.  Chairman Ajit Pai has received sharp criticism from Democrats for doing so.  This only proves the point that major tech groups of Silicon Valley are too involved in Washington Politics.

     One story that brought the issue of censorship to light was the Hunter Biden scandal.  The New York Post broke the story of  Hunter Biden’s nefarious hard drive content.  The story was interacted with millions of times by internet users.  However, social groups like Facebook and Twitter were quick to censor users who promoted the story.  Seemingly because the enormous scandal would interfere with Joe Biden’s campaign.

     In response, senate candidate Jason Lewis has challenged the monopolistic power of big tech.  Lewis told Alpha News, “it’s long past due to end the censorship of Big Tech. They are, in the middle of a crucial election, making what amounts to a series of campaign donations to liberal Democrats. And the only reason they’re able to get by with it is the Sec. 230 carveout they got in the ’96 [Communications Decency] Act, not available to other editors and publishers”.

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