Minneapolis’ Democrats defunded the police with the promise to better protect residents.  With no other form of law enforcement initiated, violence and crime have dramatically increased in the city.  Over 150 police officers have left the police force since the George Floyd riots.  Now, dozens of businesses are prepared to leave Minneapolis.  Despite the city’s downfall, the left still works to abolish the police entirely. 

     According to a Downtown Council survey, dozens of businesses are prepared to leave Minneapolis.  The urge to relocate was spurred by the council’s decision to defund the police department.  Some businesses including Cowboy Jack’s, 7-Sigma, and Keegan’s Irish Pub have cited the environment of Minneapolis to be too dangerous for staff and customers.  The owner of manufacturing company 7-Sigma states, “they don’t care about my business. They didn’t protect our people. We were all on our own”.

     As businesses move away from Minneapolis, officers continue to leave the police force.  The Star Tribune reports that over 150 officers have either resigned or taken a medical leave of absence.  Many of the officers have cited PTSD caused by riots following the death of George Floyd as their reason to leave.  With little support from liberals and city government, our police have been put into a limited position. 

     The Democratic campaign to defund police has been anything but successful.  Before the movement accelerates further, the crime rates and failure of Minneapolis must be recognized.  Business owners no longer wish to operate from Minneapolis as public safety is diminished.  

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