If elected president, Minnesotans should expect Joe Biden to bring massive changes to the economy.  With a 40 year track record of stifling the economy, Biden will continue to do so by enacting the Green New Deal, defunding police, and tax increases.

     In Minneapolis where the police have been defunded- citizens are concerned for their own safety and businesses are struggling.  Several bars and restaurants have decided to close their doors because the environment is unsafe and unregulated by police.  In a recent interview, Joe Biden has bandwagoned the movement to defund our police.  More uncertainty and a larger public safety crisis can be expected to follow his election.  It is a bold and indefensible claim to defund America’s police departments while crime spikes across the nation.

     Secondly, the Green New Deal will burden the American economy with regulation and halt its growth.  Regardless of party affiliation, most politicians have refrained from promoting the Green New Deal.  This is because the deal’s policies are so far fetched and incompatible with our infrastructure.  It is a radical plan to overhaul the economy and wealth structure of America.  It demands that zero carbon emissions are released- a feat we are hardly equipped to accomplish.  

     Millions of Americans working in the energy sector would lose their jobs.  In Minnesota, dairy and cattle farms will struggle to function under harsh emission laws.  Mining and pipeline jobs would be gone.  Biden has recently adopted these changes as a part of his platform to align himself with progressives.  

     Thirdly, Joe Biden plans to roll back President Trump’s tax cut initiatives.  He swears to raise corporate tax rates from 21% to 28%.  He also plans on top 1% earners to pay 74% of increased taxes.  Biden will cap tax deductions- after Trump dramatically increased tax deductions in 2017.  Over one decade, this is expected to raise 4 trillion dollars for the federal government.  Biden claims this increase in taxation will be used to cover the cost of government spending.  Instead of shrinking the outrageous spending habits of government- Biden will increase it and your taxes. 

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