Joe Biden has announced that the radical representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will lead his campaign task force on their global warming initiatives.  This is another tactic Biden has used to align himself with popular leftist progressives.  While aligning himself with socialists like Sanders and AOC, Biden is taking steps to adopt the Green New Deal into his presidential plans.  Bringing the radical changes the Green New Deal proposes in a short time span will uproot the livelihood of many Americans and harm existing businesses.  The proposed environmental policies are not about climate- but control. 

     AOC’s office announced that the representative will work “with members of the climate justice community- and she will be fully accountable to them and the larger advocacy community during this process”.  The Green New Deal is unfit to actualize because it demands that 100% of America’s power be fueled with zero-emissions.  Currently, fossil fuels still provide about 65% of the nation’s energy.  Cutting emissions to zero would require new infrastructure and regulations we cannot afford.  Ocasio-Cortez’s plan to bring environmental regulation is also coupled with radical economic changes.

     The American Action Forum estimates that if implaced, the deal will cost up to $12.3 trillion before 2029 for environmental components.  For its social justice policies, it would cost another $51.1 to $92.9 trillion.  With a deeply indebted federal government, the American people will be the ones who burden these unfathomable costs.  This is largely to achieve the socio-economic revolution socialists like AOC desire.  Their goal is to raise up the most ‘oppressed’ communities by sacrificing the already struggling middle class.  As a step to further align himself with the far-left, Biden has announced, “I’m working with Bernie and with his people.  And so, and we’ve made some changes”.   

     Joe Biden and AOC’s desire for a Green New Deal is so unfeasible that they will kill American livelihood in the name of progress.  In no way will the deal will offer a green and optimistic future for Americans.  Despite the deal facing bipartisan criticism, cowardly Biden has bandwagoned the socialist trend.   

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