Before coronavirus shutdowns, the US economy was seeing new highs under President Trump.  Since the nationwide shutdowns, the economy is climbing once again.  The Trump Administration’s policies have helped American businesses make great comebacks.  Evidently, if Joe Biden is elected into office the US economy will be in peril.  A 2020 Trump presidency is essential to keep this wave of success going for Americans.  

     Trump has kept his promise to put American workers first.  Since this May, unemployment rates have been slashed, while over 2.5 million jobs were regained.  By signing additional coronavirus relief bills into action, the President has set a great focus on aiding small businesses.  This economic growth cannot be expected to continue with a Biden presidency.

     Joe Biden’s prospective plans for America will both severely stunt the economy and harm American livelihood.  Biden has stated that as president, he will create a “greener economy”.  Biden intends to kill blue collar jobs that do not comply with the Green New Deal.  Biden is prepared to sacrifice American’s wellbeing and cripple the energy industry with unrealistic mandates.  These “green” policies would also impact American agriculture and manufacturing capabilities.  

     Moreover, Joe Biden promises a progressive tax plan that would skyrocket taxes on all income groups.  At a time when many Americans are still recovering from covid-19 shutdowns- higher taxes will stunt economic growth seen under Trump.  Biden intends to repeal all tax reductions from the  Tax Cuts and Jobs Act for taxpayers with incomes above $400,000.  Capital gains and dividend taxes will also rise according to his plan. 

     Instead of cutting ridiculous government spending, Biden will place the burden on working Americans.  This is the time to grow American business, manufacturing, and energy industry.  Under Biden, all of these things will be made impossible. 

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