Joe Biden has named far-left senator, Kamala Harris as his running mate.  This decision came just days before the Democratic Convention’s VP deadline.  Once at great odds, the two have teamed together to create the most radical Democratic ticket in history.

     Leading up to her nomination as vice president, Harris was highly critical of Joe Biden.  Her sudden embrace of Biden’s mission is a dramatic change from just one year ago.  Before the Democratic primary, Harris was quick to expose Biden for his policies on race and “His connections to senators who “built their reputations and career on the segregation of race in this country”.  Additionally, Harris criticized Biden over his role in passing the notorious 1994 crime bill.  The bill is believed to have greatly influenced mass incarceration in America.  

     Before Harris was ever a vice president prospect, she served as the District Attorney in San Francisco and then as senator in California.  Harris’ track record as District Attorney and senator should raise concern for voters.  While serving as DA from 2004-2011, Harris focused more on playing politics than achieving justice.  

     In 2003, the DA preceding Harris saw homicide rates significantly drop.  However under her tenure, homicide rates surged once again.  Additionally, she inflated her office’s conviction rate by offering plea bargains to criminals with serious charges.  Throughout her tenure, Harris had many controversial decisions to not seek death penalties or longer sentences for murderers.  Now in 2020, Harris plans on “reimagining how we do public safety in America”.  The issue of public safety has entered a critical state under Democratic control.  The last thing American’s need is Harris’ poor policing abilities.  

     In anticipation for the 2020 election, Biden announced that his presidency would be transitory to a new progressive era.  At 77 years old, Joe Biden named Harris as the “president in waiting”, as Biden will not likely run for re-election.  This attitude only places more importance on the role of Harris.  If the team is successful, America will enter an era of unseen leftist extremism.  Already, Biden and Harris have promised to raise taxes, shrink military and police funding, and enact the Green New Deal.

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