Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have boasted extreme immigration policies for their 2020 campaign bid.  Their policies are so radical- that most Americans have objected to their plans.  Under their leadership, border-crossing would be decriminalized and illegal immigrants would have tax-funded healthcare.  These are policies that America can simply not afford.

     If Biden’s plan succeeds, US border stations will be proven ineffective.  With the decriminalization of border crossing, border controls will be overrun.  Biden and Harris have also expressed their disdain for ICE, even though the agency works to protect the livelihood of Americans.  ICE works to detect and dismantle criminal networks across the US borders.  Kamala Harris has even compared ICE to the KKK while serving as a senator.  

     With transnational crime prevention and border control gone, Americans will begin to support countless immigrants with their taxes.  Following the footsteps of other radicals like AOC, Biden now endorses illegal immigrant’s access to medicare- a taxpayer funded program.  In response, 60% of Americans reportedly stand in opposition to this decision.  Biden is clearly more interested in appealing to radicals than listening to the American people. 

     Together, Biden and Harris stand in complete opposition to deportation of undocumented immigrants.  This extreme policy means that even criminals who have crossed our borders are free to stay.  This policy is not only one we can’t afford, but puts Americans in danger.  Between 2016 and 2019, more than 6,000 criminal convictions were held by illegal immigrants.  Just last year, ICE removed over 267,000 illegal immigrants.  86% of these individuals had criminal convictions.

     In a Biden-Harris administration, no illegal immigrant will be deported.  Criminals with no right to reside in the United States will be welcomed to stay.  On top of this, Americans recovering from recession will be expected to cover the expenses of these individuals. 

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