Lying Joe Biden has released a new campaign ad.  The advertisement  featuring a small business owner is meant to undermine Trump’s economic policies.  However the ad does little to help Joe; as the claims put forward by his campaign are blatantly false. 

     This campaign flop fails to acknowledge that America’s economy has been strongest under Trump, and has seen record breaking growth after coronavirus shutdowns.  In the advertisement, small business owner Tiffany Easley describes her company’s struggles amid the pandemic.  Easley claims that the Trump Administration did nothing to help her business during the crisis. 

     In truth, Easley received thousands of dollars on behalf of the administration’s Paycheck Protection Program.  This attempt to undermine confidence in White House led economic recovery fell short.  Both Easley and Biden have refused to comment on the advertisement.  The Paycheck Protection Program which millions of small businesses have utilized, processed 14 years worth of loans in a mere 14 days. 

     During the coronavirus crisis, Joe Biden was hardly anywhere to be found.  Meanwhile, President Trump worked to ensure millions of Americans would still receive  paychecks and forgivable loans. The  Biden campaign’s  incompetence shows clearer than ever.  The campaign’s platform is so weak, they would rather spread lies about their opponent to win.  

     As it happens, the program Easely benefited from also aided 70% of other small businesses.  These individuals have also received delayed tax filings, two year employer payroll taxes, and have more liberal tax loss rules.  These changes and many more were approved with bipartisan support.


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