It has not been secretive that Joe Biden’s campaign has majoly lacked enthusiasm.  While Trump supporters are fired up to re-elect the president; polls show that Biden’s supporters are not nearly as excited about their candidate.  

     A new super PAC has formed with the goal to increase Biden’s campaign spirit.  The CEO of the PAC stated, “Biden’s enthusiasm gap could be a vulnerability”.  The PAC is concerned that Biden’s lead in the polls is only temporary.  In an attempt to compete with Trump’s fervor, Democrats have put $15 million into online advertisements.  

     Accounts of low Biden enthusiasm have even been prevalent in the mainstream media.  Americans are supporting Joe Biden because they do not want Trump re-elected.  Not because they believe in Biden’s leadership.  According to polls, the majority of Trump supporters are “very excited” to vote for the President this November.  Meanwhile, only 27% of Biden’s supporters are “very excited” to elect him.

     Biden’s campaign also notably lacks presence from Black and Latino voters.  Sonja Diaz is the director of Latino Policy & Politics at the University of California.  Diaz states, “There’s definitely an enthusiasm gap that is made even larger because of the lack of investment and attention to get the Latino electorate to come out and vote in November”.  Experts observe that Biden has taken Democratic support from the Latino community for granted.  Their continued support no longer ensured this election.  

     A similar trend is found among Black Americans.  Joe Biden announcing “you ain’t black” for not supporting his campaign showcased how wildly out of touch he is.  Unfortunately for Joe Biden, he has a track record of inappropriate statements that reveal how unfit he is to serve.  This November Democrats will remorsefully show up to their polling stations.  Meanwhile, the Trump campaign is energized to win a second election. 

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