Throughout the coronavirus outbreak, Joe Biden has continuously downplayed China’s role in the pandemic.  Biden has strategically tried to minimize China’s perceived role in causing the crisis.  When President Trump decided to close the nation’s borders in the name of a public health emergency- Biden accused him of xenophobia and hysteria.  He has managed to criticize the President’s bipartisan leadership every step of the way and apologize to the Chinese.  Joe Biden’s anti-American attitude speaks for himself.  He is not fit to lead the American people.

     Joe Biden’s commentary on China has been so imprudent that he has drawn criticism from both the left and the right.  He has claimed that the world’s second largest economy- China, is “not competition for us”.  Biden states China has their own problems to be concerned with and is not a threat to America.  Biden’s naive perspective of global affairs seems to forget the trade war with China.  Until President Trump came to office, the Chinese took great advantage of the United States.  Even still, our manufacturing production remains threatened by them.  

     Biden States, “This war he has going on with China in a trade war, we’re arguing about the wrong thing, we should be arguing about they’re stealing intellectual property, not the fact we have a market to sell corn”.  Biden’s dismissal of economic competition totally ignores the decades of market manipulation that have occurred in the US.  This manipulation has caused significant economic disadvantage for Minnesotan farmers. 

     Even with the coronavirus pandemic, Joe Biden manages to apologize on behalf of the communist Chinese government.  The virus which originated from Chinese labs has brought death and crisis globally.  In order to distance themselves from the truth, Chinese media attempted to blame the outbreak on the US.  An absurd claim which goes to show the lengths China will go to protect themselves first.  On top of this, they have lied about their coronavirus data which has affected the rest of the world’s ability to predict the effects of the virus.  This deceit has caused one of the quickest economic devastations worldwide.  

     Biden appears to have a conflict of interest when discussing American-Chinese relations.  We need a leader who will put the wellbeing of Americans first.  Joe Biden is admittedly not that person.  

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