Michael Bloomberg is a millionaire-leftist who is always trying to gain more political influence. His latest scheme has hit too close to home, as his corruption has reached Minnesota.

Ever since Bloomberg created the NYU State Energy and Environmental Impact Center (SEEIC) he has been able to stack state attorneys’ offices with his own attorneys. The SEEIC places attorneys in states’ offices to push environmental regulations and rulings, and sue the Trump administration for their deregulatory agenda. These attorneys are all Bloomberg-funded.

New York, Maryland, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, and DC have brought in a special assistant attorney general, from Bloomberg’s SEEIC. Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison has added Minnesota to that list. He has hired Pete Sudro to work as an environmental ligator and work as a special assistant to Ellison, and he is working to file a lawsuit against the Trump Administration. These corrupt Democrats are highjacking our public office. 

Ellison is embedding personal interests into the Attorney General’s office. With Ellison’s help, Bloomberg is able to have a direct say on what happens in Minnesota. A lawsuit has been filed against Ellison on this matter to hopefully obtain important documents Ellison is withholding about this corruption. A public-private arrangement like what is happening here is against Minnesota law. We deserve to know how many attorneys in his office are also on Bloomberg’s pay role, and why Ellison was okay with breaking state law to let this happen.

Ellison’s and Bloomberg’s corruption puts their interests first, and Minnesota’s interests last. This type of behavior is unacceptable. Minnesota deserves better! We need a fair administration of justice and corruption from Democrats like Ellison is ruining any chance we have of that.

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