This fall President Trump returned to Minneapolis for a rally while on his campaign trail. Antifa members took violent action to show their dislike of his visit.

As Trump supporters gathered into the Target Center for the rally, the mobs began to form. Countless individuals flanked all doors and began to swarm around anyone in an infamous Make America Great Again hat. It was as if the protestors were bulls, and the red hats were their shiny red matador colors. Seeing one caused instant chaos and violence. While trying to attend the rally Trump supporters had their hats stolen, were spit on, swore at, and even physically attacked.

It was a terrifying scene. Trying to incite a reaction from the rally attendees, protestors grew more and more violent. The mass mob burned stolen Trump merchandise, and wailed and screamed against the president. Vehicles were blocked by members of the mob laying in the street. Those attending the rally could not catch a break from the constant violent harassment. The video footage shows levels of violence that are almost unbelievable.

While protests and tantrums are not new behavior from the left, seeing it in my home city, and at such a level of violence, stirred up great concern. These attacks were lead by ANTIFA, a group dedicated to fighting anti-fascists, but are known for violent anti-trump attacks. How can this kind of behavior continue to be tolerated? These people were attacked simply for their beliefs. The left is trying to physically intimidate anyone who holds a differing opinion than them. If we are to continue on in our society, we at LEAST need to be able to not attack those we disagree with.

The left has thrown out civility. It is terrifying. These attacks make it hard to be conservative, but it is during this time we must stand strong in our beliefs. 

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